Wilderness State Park

So far, in all my motorcycle-y travels, Wilderness State Park stands out as the best campground by far. It’s remote. It’s right on Lake Michigan. It’s an official “International Dark Sky” area. And it’s big with plenty of campsites.

Wilderness is about 9 miles due west of Mackinaw City. Mackinaw City is a pure tourist trap with almost no daily living services (grocery stores, etc), so stocking up on food before you go is a good idea. The park itself doesn’t sell firewood, either, but there are two tiny general stores on the east and west side of the park that do. The store on the west side of the park is closest, about a mile away. It sells beer, junk food and other crap, some of it useful for camping. If you’re on a motorcycle like me, make sure to get gas in Mackinaw City, because neither of the two general stores have gas.

Wilderness has both RV capable campsites and a ‘new-ish’ rustic campground for tents only. I found the new rustic campground to be a bit lacking in the tree cover, so I usually opt for the RV/tent sites by the lake, or the Pines campground about 200 yards from the shore.

My list of the choicest campsites:

Lakeshore: 116, 126, 132, 143, 148, 150, and 77 in the spring (when kids are still in school)
Pines: 237 and 241

As mentioned above, Wilderness is also an International Dark Sky Park™, which is a real thing. It means it meets certain standards of low light pollution and attracts astronomers like moths to a, uh, light bulb, which is a really bad metaphor. Anyway, as you can imagine, the star viewing is amazing.


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